Wasabi is an outstanding fashion label from Rio de Janeiro that focuses on a strong "carioca style". These printings showcase our creation. Although colourful, our label never abandons the aesthetic and the refined.

Just turned seven years old in 2018, Wasabi have already exported to Anthropologie, one of the major retailers stores in the US. In our national market, Wasabi sells at Brazil's leading  multi-brands such as Pinga, the most charming and cutting-edge store in São Paulo.

Wasabi sells online at Shop2Gether, Gallerist and Amazon. The label is also present in some other 20 specifically selected stores in the interior of Brazil.

Wasabi presents a totally new cncept of fashion. Simple, edgy shapes matched with strong prints make for a fresh style. This is why our label is so successful among both clients and the press.

Clothes are conceived for the cool, relaxed yet nonetheless smart and elegant woman. The woman who inspires the brand is a globetrotter with a cool Brazilian allure. Our collections are stylish, revealing a vibrant approach to life in the city.


Made by women, for women, Wasabi understands that the feminine energy should be celebrated. Women are here to shine and when they are together, they become even more enlightened and powerful. Female complicity. Wasabi is an injection of energy into the active and dynamic personality of women in urban centers, unfolding between different roles, but without losing their femininity and joy. And since she has strong personality, her look imposes presence. A casual-elegant style, which values ​​comfort, but without giving up the beauty and quality.


Contemporary dresses, skirts and tailoring with smart and vibrant prints. Pieces that can be used on different occasions and that make women feel confident to amplify their personalities, and feel like their own unique.


We believe that fashion is not about following an ideal or industrial standard of beauty and trend, but rather a way for women to find themselves, expressed in an individual way of using it or combining it. For the feminine to be transparent in the style and personality of the brand, it is essential that it also appears in the woman who wears them.

Wasabi verão
Wasabi Look Verão